Friday, February 20, 2015

Blooming with Books: Midnight Runner ~ Review

Check out today's review on my blog tour!

Blooming with Books: Midnight Runner ~ Review: Midnight Runner    By Marilee Jackson        Moira and Isobail are running -                one from her past,                      ...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Release day and Blog tour

I'm totally stoked because today (February 10th, 2015) is my official release date for my debut novel, Midnight Runner. Then I turn on the internet and remember that my blog tour started on Monday the 8th. What?! 
Why have I not been checking these out?
Flash forward to tears of JOY! I love when people enjoy my book, but (not to offend anyone) I have to say when it is a complete stranger (that has no knowledge of my self-consciousness) loves my book it has to be the best feeling in the world!
Not everyone will love it, nobody can please everybody, I have always been told (and have heard from a NY Times best selling author) you should always have both positive and negative or neutral reviews.
So here is the schedule for my blog tour, I encourage all to check it out. (especially I love to read and review books)
Midnight Runner blog tour
About the author:
Marilee Jackson is an avid reader and has dabbled in writing since the third grade. She stays home and chases her four rug rats around. She lives in a tiny Arizona town (don’t blink you’ll miss it) with her amazing husband and their four children. Midnight Runner is her first novel. Follow her on her blog at
“Midnight Runner” blog tour schedule:
February 8: Jorie Loves a Story
February 9: Readalot • I Love to Read and Review Books
February 10: Laura Walker
February 11: Dorine White • Min Reads and Reviews • LDS Women’s Book Review
February 12: Community Book Stop
February 13:
February 14: A Casual Reader’s Blog
February 15:
February 16:
February 17:
February 18: Wishful Endings
February 19: Mel’s Shelves
February 20: Blooming with Books
February 21: The Perfect Beginnings
February 22: Katie’s Clean Book Collection

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

EXTRA EXTRA! The trailer is up and running

I have some really amazing nephews (and nieces for that matter) but on this post I'm giving a shout out to my awesome nephew, Timothy Batson. He does some great video editing work. From Patriotic slide shows to birthday videos, he's the best. He has done it yet again. There is now a trailer for my novel up on Youtube, all thanks to the very hard work of one Timothy Batson. If you have a minute click on this link and check it out!