Monday, June 23, 2014

Release date!!!

Got an email from my publisher (still feels weird saying that lol) today. She told me how excited they are to be working with me (I bet they're not as excited as I am, just sayin') and she let me know that they have scheduled the date for my book to debut. Ready.... it will be....February 10, 2015! You may begin standing in line outside your local Barnes and Noble now. Just kidding, but maybe the night before ;)


It is official!

The papers are signed! All the i's have been dotted and the t's have been crossed. I have returned my contract to the publishing company. It is official, I am going to be a published author! It still doesn't feel real to me. But now that I have returned the contract I can let you all know my publisher is Cedar Fort Publishing out of Utah. I am so excited I can hardly stand to be around myself!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Midnight Runner

Here is the synopsis for my debut novel:

Midnight Runner is a medieval novel full of treachery, lies, and secrets as it follows the journey of two young women. One is desperate to overcome her station in life while trying to escape her past. The other fighting to stay alive as she copes with an unlocked secret threatening to destroy everything she has ever loved.

Moira is a beautiful and bitter girl orphaned at a young age. Her lifelong desire is to escape her foster family and change her life. Determined not to let anything stand in her way she flees poverty with her sights set on the royal palace in Allail. After an unplanned bump in the road she is now desperate to outrun the consequences of one mistake. And desperation can often lead to murder.

Sweet, humble Isobail grew up on a small farm with loving and compassionate parents. All she wants is to become a wife and mother. Now at sixteen she is encouraged to better herself and become a lady in waiting for the notorious Lady Nuala. When a secret is revealed her life begins to unravel. Now Isobail must fight to protect the simple life she loves.

Midnight Runner also contains an unusual cast of supporting characters including an abrasive innkeeper and her sensible husband, the headstrong Lord Conell hell-bent on achieving his goal, as well as the shy, handsome hero Brian MacDonald. 

Stay tuned for information and updates on when my book will be out.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Dancin'

We are dancing fools here in the Jackson house, I just received an offer to publish my manuscript. I am so excited! We cannot stop doing the happy dance. Please feel free to join in! :) I promise to post more when I have more information.

I am in suspenders!

Ok, so I have officially started a blog. (yikes!) Today is the day that a publishing company is deciding weather or not they are going to publish my manuscript. I AM FREAKING OUT! It took a while for my husband to convince me to do something (other than let it take up memory on our laptop) with my story. It took me three years to write Midnight Runner (don't judge I have four kids). It is my baby, I didn't want people to judge it, or me by extension. I have to be honest I was SHOCKED when people actually liked it. All of my beta readers liked it. My agent liked it and even her contact at the publishing company liked it enough to pitch it to the company she works for, so here I sit in suspenders (my dad's saying for in suspense)! Anxiously waiting to hear back from the publishing company.
Wish me gook luck!