Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I am in suspenders!

Ok, so I have officially started a blog. (yikes!) Today is the day that a publishing company is deciding weather or not they are going to publish my manuscript. I AM FREAKING OUT! It took a while for my husband to convince me to do something (other than let it take up memory on our laptop) with my story. It took me three years to write Midnight Runner (don't judge I have four kids). It is my baby, I didn't want people to judge it, or me by extension. I have to be honest I was SHOCKED when people actually liked it. All of my beta readers liked it. My agent liked it and even her contact at the publishing company liked it enough to pitch it to the company she works for, so here I sit in suspenders (my dad's saying for in suspense)! Anxiously waiting to hear back from the publishing company.
Wish me gook luck!

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